Top 100 Leadership Summit 2019

Each year, WXN's Top 100 Leadership Summit inspires and motivates our audience prior to the Awards Gala with female leaders sharing their wisdom and experiences, professional and personal successes and challenges through thought-provoking keynote speakers, engaging interviews, and panel discussions.

The Topics

KEYNOTE - Powerfully empowered

Melissa Grelo, Canadian broadcaster currently on CTV’s THE SOCIAL and YOUR MORNING, will speak to what it means to be “Powerfully Empowered”. She will explore themes of intersectionality in today’s wave of feminism, and her belief that being an ally of marginalized groups offers the best chance of long-term success in women’s fight for equality at home and in the workplace. Melissa will share her personal story of how being of mixed ethnicity has helped and hindered her in her life and career, where she’s experienced privilege in its many forms, and the importance of seeking out allies as well as being an ally to others.

Melissa was the long-time co-host of the most-watched morning news program, CP24 BREAKFAST in the Greater Toronto Area, and anchored and reported on the biggest stories in Canada’s largest news market. She has covered international events including the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, the Toronto International Film Festival®, and the prestigious ACADEMY AWARDS, to name a few.

Melissa Grelo

Melissa Grelo

Co-Host, The Social
Bell Media

Panel Discussion - How High Powered Women Redefine Power

Most women leaders have a love-hate relationship with the P-Word. The traditional definition of power use their titles, show our power over others leaves us cold. Many women leaders already focus more on personal power rather than positional power. So if women are already inclined to use power in its right way then why are we so adverse to the word? We’ll answer that question with four high-powered women from across to Canada to help you discover and grow your own personal power!

Carol Banducci


Carol Banducci
Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
IAMGOLD Corporation

Rola Dagher portrait


Rola Dagher
President & CEO
Cisco Canada

Victoria LaBillois portrait


Victoria LaBillois
Wejuseg Construction Inc.

Lisa Tuningley portrait


Lisa Tuningley
Founder and CEO


Susan Uthayakumar
Country President Canada
Schneider Electric Canada Inc.


Jenn Lofgren

Jenn Lofgren

Founder, Executive Leadership Coach & Consultant

Incito Executive & Leadership Development

Rumbling with Vulnerability

This program isn’t only for leaders, but anyone looking to step out with greater courage in any area of their professional and personal life.

Brené Brown has taught us what it means to dare greatly, rise strong, and brave the wilderness. Now, based on new research conducted with leaders, change makers, and culture shifters, the new Dare to Lead™ curriculum will show us how to put those ideas into practice so we can step up and lead. Leadership is not about titles or the corner office. It’s about the willingness to step up, put yourself out there, and lean into courage. The world is desperate for braver leaders. It’s time for all of us to step up. This is a curriculum for developing brave leaders and courageous cultures. It’s learning and practice that requires brave work, tough conversations, and truly showing up. Daring leadership is a collection of four skill sets that are 100% teachable. We will teach the skills required to tackle these issues by becoming braver leaders.

Learning Objectives:

  • Determine your call to courage as a leader.
  • Define vulnerability as uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.
  • Understand the role of courage and vulnerability in daring leadership.
  • Challenge old definitions and dispel the myths surrounding the concept of vulnerability.
  • Understand and begin to utilize the metaphor of the arena to examine the challenges associated with feeling vulnerable or with engaging in behaviors that lead to uncertainty, risk, and emotional exposure.

Keynote - Powerfully Empowered

In this keynote you’ll learn from Samra Zafar, known for inspiring audiences globally, as she speaks on what 'Powerfully Empowered' means to her. For Samra, true power lies in empowering others and the privilege to be able to touch lives. Samra will share her inspiring story of finding courage in the face of oppression, and claiming the power within to create ripple effects of global change!

Samra Zafar is an award-winning international speaker, author, scholar, and social entrepreneur, in addition to her work at BMO as a Director, Business Finance. Samra engages audiences around the world, speaking about authentic leadership, resilience, human rights, and youth empowerment. She appears frequently in the media and guest lectures at several universities, including Yale. Her book A Good Wife was named a top-10 read by The Washington Post.

Samra Zafar portrait

Samra Zafar
Author, Speaker, Human Rights Advocate, Social Entrepreneur; Samra Zafar Inc

Director, BMO Bank of Montreal

Presenting Partner.

National Platinum Partners.

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